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With screens in cars getting bigger and bigger, the fruit-logoed company is looking to maximize the utility of every single inch of display real estate to give its users a better experience. 

Apple CarPlay is getting an update this year for the newest iOS 13. For a few years, the infotainment software has received updates and fixes that have increased the openness of the app. Apple has introduced support for other applications that a user may find himself needing in his day-to-day life. This time around, the update is a big one because the interface is getting a major improvement and redesign. 

The headlining feature that the Cupertino-based company is touting is the inclusion of a dashboard interface. You can display multiple apps on the screen simultaneously, omitting the need to switch between apps. In the 2019 Worldwide Developers’ Conference (WWDC), the new interface was unveiled for the first time. The presentation showcased the dashboard with the maps app, to the left of multiple widgets that display your music, calendar appointments, suggested locations, and a garage door opener. 

CarPlay is now smarter and will suggest you information on-the-fly. The information presented is relevant and context sensitive. For example, if you have a calendar entry with a location, the system will alert you to start your journey depending on your estimated time of arrival. 

Siri is now updated to work with third-party applications for navigation and music, as well. The virtual assistant is but a phrase away for drivers. Once the words “Hey Siri” is picked up and recognized by the car’s microphone, the voice assistant will be readily available to take your requests. 

Apple CarPlay also adds a “do not disturb while driving” mode that blocks notifications. The feature is similar to the “do not disturb” setting in your iOS control panel. The new interface also comes with a dark mode to reduce glare while driving. To top it all off, CarPlay is not going to display the app that you just opened on your iPhone. This allows your passenger to go into a music application without disturbing what is already being displayed on your infotainment screen. 

The new additions should give users a better overall experience. Apple aims to make its software as seamless as can be. A minimal amount of effort will be needed to keep your day going on the road. 

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