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It seems like it was just yesterday that Toyota came out with the GT86. At the same time, it seems like it was just yesterday that Subaru came out with the BRZ. These two models are unmistakable twins in the industry. These platforms, however good, are getting a little stale and in dire need of an all new redesign. 

Debuting as far back as 2011, the front engined rear wheel drive coupe was well received when it first rolled off the lot, and it continues to instill pleasure to those who drive it. The 86/BRZ was always known for its handling, capable of taking any and all types of bends. The platform is also widely used in various motorsports from circuit races to drift events. 

Being almost 10 years old now, the model is tried, tested, and adored by a legion of fans that swear that it is not always about straight line speed. So what is next for the canyon carving, mountain marauding sports car? 

A senior Subaru executive confirms that the platform will not have all wheel drive, keeping the nameplates as traditional as possible with its rear-drive layout. The Impreza platform that was heavily modified by the two companies has been around for about 10 years now, and could be due for a replacement for the new model. 

Hence a new platform could be considered. A Subaru insider has reason to believe that the coupe will use Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) as a base or retain its old platform. Like Toyota, Subaru also has its own global architecture for its all wheel drive vehicles, however this was ruled out since the Subaru Global Platform (SGP) has underpinnings that only support all wheel drive systems. 

Therefore, with the SGP out of the running, it falls on the shoulders of Toyota to give the 86 and BRZ the TNGA platform if they choose to give it. The platform features weight savings over the current one, as well as an increase in torsional rigidity. The platform would also benefit from Toyota’s in house racing development team, Gazoo Racing, who soup up several Toyota models made to be more fun. 

Source: Motoring AU

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