Flood Guard Car Bag

Being in a tropical country means you better be aware of the unexpected – like all the time. It could be sunny at 3:00 p.m. then you’d be surprise to hear a heavy rain at 3:05 p.m. A little exaggeration maybe, but you get our point right? This could also happen at night, while you sleep – which is a nightmare for car owners.

Let’s say that it happened; it poured as soon as you got into your deep sleep. Then the next thing you knew, your car was submerged in a hip-deep flood. Yup, you’re screwed. Our dear friend, you may find that your prayers alone don’t always help your car float in the flood – or, in extreme hopes, part the flood like the Red Sea so your car won’t be affected. 

What you need is this, the Flood Guard Car Bag – a waterproof bag the size of your car. You’re not dreaming, Flood Guard Philippines exist and their product is available in the market. Say goodbye to paranoia caused by heavy rains overnight; save yourselves from unnecessary expenses (and possible heart attacks). Oh, by the way, we'd dub this innovation as a ‘thug life-hack’ simply for it's coolness and usability.

Check out the Flood Guard Car Bag in this YouTube video by Securo Inc.

The Flood Guard Car Guard has been around since last year – at least, based on the available information online. The first version featured a clear plastic top section where you could see through your car. This version also has straps wrapped around from bottom to top, one end to the other. This was, however, made simple in the second version as there are now no straps. It can easily be set-up even by one person.

In addition, the bag has anchor latches that you can attach to solid pole structures. This would plant your car steady even when it’s floating six feet on top of the ground. Cool feature, as you wouldn’t want to see your car in the next town after the flood had subsided, would you? 

Now, isn’t this what you’ve always wanted? A bag to hide your car in and protect it from the flood. Well, you’ll have to thank its creator, Paul dela Fuente, as you may now sleep soundly during stormy nights.

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