Honda Fuel Saving tips

Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. has released a list of tips to help you get the most out of your fuel. Honda has designed its cars to maximize their fuel efficiency and help the customers get the maximum distance out of every drop of fuel you put into your car.

All of the Japanese carmaker’s lineup, from the entry-level Honda Brio all the way to the top-spec Accord, have VTEC in one form or another. VTEC helps the user by having two cam profiles. One is geared towards better fuel economy, while the other is for performance. Having these two profiles to choose from gives the driver the best of both worlds.

Keeping that ECON button on helps you by acting as a guide for better fuel efficiency and for more economical driving. Think of it as a game, the longer you stay in the green the better you fuel economy figures will be. The feature enables two acceleration profiles which give the user a choice between smooth and fuel-efficient or fast and aggressive driving.

Another fuel-saving tip from Honda is to use cruise control on long drives as it provides driving settings that limits you to not go beyond the pre-set speed. This will also give the driver more time to focus on the road. It will also relieve the stress of driving having to maintain a throttle position. All the driver has to do is stay aware and guide the vehicle.

Honda also states that the driver should shift according to the road situation in order to maximize fuel economy. An example of this is the usage of L or Low gear when driving downhill or uphill on a road. If the driver, however, wishes to get more power or should the need arise, they can shift the vehicle into S or Sport. With the mode selected, it lets the vehicle become more responsive and prioritizes performance when needed the most.

Utilize Automatic Climate Control to ensure optimum setting of your air-conditioning unit, maintaining the select cabin temperature while balancing fuel efficiency. Leaving it up to the computer isn't always a bad thing since it can optimize the settings of the climate controls to meet your set needs.

This is to keep your Honda vehicle in top shape. Having a dirty engine can affect your fuel economy. Keeping it clean will give it a cleaner burn and keep its maximum efficiency when powering your car. For Honda, they require their customers to have preventative maintenance at least two times a year.

Always go for genuine parts to guarantee that your vehicle would not be compromised. Genuine parts are tested by the car manufacturer to the extremes to make sure it will meet the demands and the needs of the cars as well as last long. 

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