Mercedes-Benz CLK

Twin double round headlights and divided trapezoidal grille, count in the star emblem that sits on top of all these and you have the Mercedes-Benz CLK’s signature look. This two-door coupe hasn’t always been a front-engine coupe its entire life.

Since its production in 1997, the CLK nameplate has established its distinct Mercedes-Benz face that’s now imprinted in the hearts of car enthusiasts. Not to mention, its most recognizable iteration is the CLK GTR, which in its form, is intimidating to look at. It’s also included among the most insane sports cars not everyone can own, as there are only 26 units of it were made.

Aside from the GTR versions, which also came in a roadster body, the CLK remained true as a luxury coupe. It even boastful enough to be equipped with a hand-built 5.4L V8 engine.

If you’re a level ahead of everyone else, probably someone who leaves the house with a driver and is somehow down for speed and adrenaline, the CLK’s a perfect choice. So, bring out the executive in you and watch this short video by Cars Evolution on YouTube, showing a brief history of the Mercedes-Benz CLK's evolution. It’s a trip to Merc’s memory lane. You’re welcome. 

Source: Cars Evolution

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