Honda Integra

After teasing the return of the Integra nameplate back in August, Honda, and more specifically its sub-brand Acura, have one more surprise in store with a new teaser video. While the last teaser video only showcased the front of the upcoming model, this new teaser showcases a little bit more with hints of its new body style. Details in the teaser video are limited, however, what can be seen is that the new Integra will likely come to market in a 5-door Sportback form factor. 

While this may disappoint a few fans of the nameplate as its iconic Type R version did come in a 3-door hatchback form factor, Honda has yet to say anything with regards to the 5-door being the only body style available for the now “premium sports compact.”  Aside from this Honda has also stated that the new Integra will make its official debut in the latter half of 2022 as it will be labeled as a 2023 year model vehicle. For the uninitiated, vehicles that are launched after the 6th month of the year will typically be labeled as the upcoming year’s model. 

The teaser itself doesn’t reveal too much else aside from the rear of the Integra, however, what we can tell by the video is that the new vehicle will have sleeker styling than ever before. It showcases a sweeping roof that is low and long along with a subtle lip spoiler. Aside from this Integra’s sharp thin and clean LED tail lights can also be seen coming with a checkmark design. 

With 2022 inching closer by the day it’s only a matter of time before more teasers of the new Integra release revealing just a little bit more about the much-awaited vehicle. So far there is no word from Honda Philippines if they are going to bring in the new Integra into the local market, however, those who want a performance hatchback can always look to the locally available Honda Civic Type R to scratch that itch. 

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