Honda introduces world’s first flexible assembly line called ARC

Honda Motor Co. Ltd has introduced a new and innovative car assembly line called Assembly Revolution Cell (ARC) in its Prachinburi Plant in Thailand. This aims to improve production efficiency and cut costs.

The ARC assembly line makes use of what Honda calls a “flowing cell system.” The ARC puts one production associate in charge of multiple processes and installing parts on a vehicle, improving work efficiency by 10%. This is in contrast of the old way of assembling a car where a person works on a single process and can only install a few parts along a conveyor.

In detail, Honda says that four production associates get on board an ARC unit, a conveyor that carries one vehicle body and a complete set of parts that are to be installed. Then, the production associates assemble the vehicle while moving along the production line.

The ARC also has a supporting system called Proficiency Learning and Ushering Target for Operator (PLUTO). This is a tablet-like device that guides its production associates while building a car by providing visual and audio instructions such as the sequence of parts assembly and points for quality management. 

Moreover, Honda’s new car assembly line also offers a flexible solution to structural changes as it can be pieced together unit-by-unit like Lego bricks.

For more information about Honda and its vehicles, visit the AutoDeal Car Guide.

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