Honda Jazz RS Philippines

Sad news for Honda Jazz or Fit lovers in the Philippines, as the big H is discontinuing its Honda Jazz in the market. The subcompact hatchback is a popular vehicle on Philippine roads. Every redesign of the nameplate perplexes then grows on enthusiasts over time. Honda fans will be quick to laud the Jazz for its peppy drive thanks to a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated engine along with a well-engineered chassis, and sharp handling. 

Honda City RS Philippines

The real reason why Honda pulled the plug on the Honda Jazz for the Philippine market is due to manufacturing streamlining. Honda Global still has the Honda Fit, but the nameplate is now reserved for developed countries. While the ASEAN region will primarily focus on region-specific nameplates like the Honda City. This was done in order to help Honda streamline its manufacturing, trimming down its product offerings in key markets, and strengthening them in other markets. Sadly, the Jazz is a bit of an oddball in the ASEAN lineup of Honda. 

It’s also well known that the Philippines has a preference for sedans rather than hatches. A big chunk of the Philippine market prefer sedans, a fact made known by Honda when questioned why the Civic did not come with a hatchback option. Another argument can be made for the Honda Brio but it only comes in one body style and it’s in a different segment. However, one can argue that the Jazz was not just a sedan that was turned into a hatch, instead, it was built from the ground up not to be a sedan. Enthusiasts appreciate the approach and the features that only Honda can deliver like the trademark magic seats and the flat cargo area that makes the Jazz such a versatile vehicle. 

Honda City Hatchback Thailand

The Jazz’s departure leaves a hole in Honda’s lineup. As per Honda, we won’t be seeing the Jazz in the market again, so any stock that is left on showroom floors is the last batch that you can buy. You may still inquire about it, but there might be no more stock to sell. 

No word has been stated by Honda about a replacement just yet, but if we were to guess, it could be the City hatchback that is available in other markets. Honda, however, has not confirmed whether the hatch will come to the market. There are two outcomes in this case, we could see a City hatchback taking the Jazz’s place, or Honda Philippines could leave the spot unfilled due to the market’s preference for sedans, and the City’s popularity following a next-generation update. Either way, we’re saddened by the passing of what is arguably an icon on Philippine roads. 

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