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Asian Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced that Honda achieved its best performance for automotive sales for 2016 in the ASEAN (Southeast Asia) region. With 431,832 units marked, the Japanese marque achieved a 7% growth as compared to 2015, which has 405,158 sold units.

Among the countries that contributed to the brand’s positive sales performance are Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. 

Indonesia remains to be the ASEAN country with most sales, recording 190,229 units sold for 2016. This is 14% more from the 166,258 units from 2015. Overall, Indonesia’s sales accounts to 44% of Honda’s 2016 ASEAN sales. 

Following in terms of consistency is the Philippines with 23,199 unit sales record. This is a notable 20% increase as compared from 2015’s 19,315 mark. The City, all-new BR-V, and the Civic are the major contributors in Honda Cars Philippines, Inc’s 2016 sales.  

Vietnam’s sales, on the other hand, grew 38% with 11,501 units compared to the 8,312 last 2015.

In addition, Singapore scored highest in terms of increase in sales rate with 98% hike. The 3,565 sales from 2015 almost doubled in 2016, with 7,067 units sold. This is a huge achievement, considering the high value of vehicles in the said country.

Meanwhile, Thailand and Malaysia went down by 4% and 3%, respectively. Thailand went from 112,178 sales for 2015 to 107,342 units in 2016. Same goes with Malaysia, which recorded 91,315, from 94,902 in 2015.

As its sales increase, Honda claimed that the all-new Civic has tripled its sales in contrast to 2015’s. Furthermore, the HR-V remains the best-selling model in Southeast Asia, as well as the only one to record an increase among Honda’s line-up. It marked 87,221 sales, whereas 2015 had 84,360.

Locally, the City remains the best-selling Honda. The Honda City recorded 8,913 of its units sold as claimed by Honda on its year-end report.

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