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The onset of the  COVID-19 pandemic brought the automotive industry to a grinding halt. However, things are slowly starting to recover as more and more car dealerships begin to reopen their doors to customers. As they regroup, these service centers and showrooms have had to adapt to the “new normal” where more safety protocols and guidelines must be observed. One such brand, on the other hand, is giving its customers a new way to inquire and inspect a vehicle through the use of the internet.

Honda Cars Philippines, Inc., (HCPI) the Japanese brand’s automobile business unit in the country will soon be launching its new upcoming Virtual Dealership Online Transaction facility dubbed ‘VIRTUAL@Honda.’ The new feature was made in order to tackle HCPI’s sales and after-sales services. The move to create the online dealership experience was in part due to the Japanese automaker’s efforts in creating a better and safer customer journey while adapting to the “new normal.” Through the launch of its VITRUAL@Honda facility, Honda will be able to provide a better and safer contactless customer experience. 

The new online feature is set to go online in August of 2020, with customers being able to perform the following features through the brand’s VIRTUAL@Honda right in the comfort and safety of their own homes. The new virtual will allow customers to inspect Honda vehicles through a 360-degree camera feature, schedule maintenance and servicing for their vehicles, and schedule a test drive for their chosen model just to name a few.

With the current global pandemic and in view of these uncertain times, HCPI’s priority is the safety of our customers. With this, the soon-to-be launched Virtual Dealership Online Transaction, is our alternative solution to provide contactless dealer processes for our customers.

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