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Honda R&D Co., Ltd is focusing its eyes in developing Artificial Technology (AI) for automated driving. The Japanese marque announced that it has signed a 5-year joint research and development contract with SenseTime Group Limited.

SenseTime is a China-based IT company which is known in image recognition technologies. This involves developing technology that mainly detects moving objects. With the said partnership, SenseTime’s expertise will be combined with Honda’s AI algorithms to come up with the following innovations:   

(1) Scene understanding, which estimates driving environment and the behaviors of pedestrians and other vehicles. (2) Risk prediction, which calculates the future position of pedestrians and vehicles based on the results of scene understanding. (3) Action planning, which decides on the actions taken by the vehicle such as stopping, starting and avoiding, and generating driving trajectory based on the results of risk production.

They are also leaning towards the large-scale computing technologies needed in learning AI algorithms. Both companies are expecting to develop a superior automated driving technologies for the brand’s future self-driving vehicles. Lastly, the 2 companies joint research and development plan to expand in the field of robotics.  

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