Hyundai H-100 PUV

Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI) participated in the Land Transportation Office’s 2019 Motor Show, celebrating 107 years of the agency’s existence. 

The theme of this year was e-DRIVE na @ 107. The agency has been pushing for the modernization of public transport for quite some time now. The “e” in their theme stands for “electronic” while “DRIVE” is actually an acronym for Driver’s License, Road Safety, Inspection, Vehicle Registration, and Enforcement. 

Hyundai stands with the LTO and with the Administration’s admirable plan for the modernization of public transport in the Philippines. To show our all-out support, we brought our two vehicles that are best-suited to solve the Filipino’s mass transport or business needs.

This year, Hyundai showcased two vehicles at the Motor Show held at LTO’s East Avenue compound in Quezon City. These two vehicles include the all-new Reina and Hyundai’s Class-1 Modern Jeepney. 

The modern jeepney uses the tried and tested H-100 light truck platform, unlike other class-1 designs that use a multi-cab as its base. A higher capacity can be achieved, with more space, and more importantly, a safer ride. A 2.5-liter Euro-4 CRDi engine offers fuel efficiency, reliability, and cleaner emissions according to Hyundai. An optimized height-to-width ratio and a carrying capacity of roughly 3,000 kilograms allow for better stability and safety. The vehicle also features the beep card cashless payment system, side-facing seats, and handles for easier ingress and egress. Other inclusions are Wi-Fi, an LCD monitor, GPS tracking, CCTV cameras, and a speed limiter. 

Hyundai has participated in several LTO events and worked closely with the agency with the goal of making our affordable and efficient mobility solutions available to the Filipinos who need them. We will continue to develop and offer vehicle options that help promote the country’s growth by getting goods and people where they need to go.

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