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What a wonderful time to be a motorist with a license close to expiry. The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has recently announced on its Facebook page that it will be accepting driver’s license renewals on Saturdays to the joy of those who work a nine-to-five job on weekdays. 

According to Memorandum 2019-2167, all Driver's License Renewal Offices (DRLOs) in malls are required to be open on Saturdays. The memo also stated that the initiative will come into effect during the whole month of June and beyond. It was also stated that the employees that will be working in these offices will be compensated with compensatory time off (CTO) pay, which means that they will be receiving overtime pay as part of this memorandum by the LTO. 

LTO Memorandum

You won’t need to worry anymore about taking a leave from work on the weekdays to get your driver’s license renewed. You can also apply for a student permit on Saturdays. 

While convenient, the office may be able to process your request much faster with a quick visit to their site. Simply log on to the LTO website and avail of an online appointment through the personal appointment scheduling system (PASS). 

Remember to renew your license and it might help to do so earlier. You can get your license renewed as early as two months or 60 days prior to your license’s expiry. To avoid the penalty upon renewal, make sure to follow your expiry date or it’ll be another headache getting caught with an invalid license. 

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