MINI Cooper 5-Door

We love Minis. Basically, because their designs are playful in our eyes – something that the girlfriends would automatically approve. But, what’s this cute black and pink Mini doing at the 2018 Mary Kay seminar? May you be a woman interested to make ups or not, this Mini with ‘Mary Kay’ emblem on the sides would catch your attention right away. So, why was it in the annual MK event?

The world-renowned cosmetic company, on its 55th year in the industry, just decided to reinforce its career car fleet by introducing two new vehicles – the Mini Cooper 5-Door and Chevrolet Traverse 1LT. These cars join the MK pink Cadillac and other career car options the company offers to its top Independent Sales Directors.

“As we celebrate the success of Mary Kay entrepreneurs through recognition, education and motivation among nearly 30,000 women at Seminar, we are thrilled to unveil two new additions to the Mary Kay career car program. As a corporate leader in entrepreneurship, women of all ages and backgrounds continue to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of a Mary Kay business and our career car program helps recognize independent sales force members for their hard work and success.”

It was in 1969 when the company first awarded five Mary Kaye pink Cadillacs. Since then, Mary Kay career cars became a symbol of achievement within the company’s independent sales force. And, to this date, believe it or not, there are more than 4,100 Mary Kay career cars on the roads of U.S. which have traveled roughly 4.3 billion miles.

Not your typical Mini Cooper, this one comes in black body and wheels with pink side mirrors and racing stripes to decorate the fascia. The Chevrolet Traverse 1LT on the other hand, is in graphic metallic and offers Mary Kay’s top sales force personnel some quality family fun inside its tree-row cabin. Both vehicles come with ‘Marky Kay’ emblems on the sides.

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