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Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is advancing its tech research and development (R&D) in the US by adding a new facility in Portland, Oregon.

The said tech expansion project is highlighted by the construction of a 1,858 square meter facility, set to open later this year. This high-tech facility will be used in developing new technologies for enhancing in-car amenities such as entertainment, connectivity, and convenience.

The addition of this new facility means that JLR will soon have 3 infrastructures in Oregon dedicated to automotive tech R&D. That’s because the brand already has 2 facilities at work with around 80 employees combined. These are the Open Software Technology Center (OSTC) and the JLR Tech Incubator. JLR will be hiring 30 more people as developers and engineers to run the 3rd facility.

But JLR didn’t stop there as it will also expand its Tech Incubator Program. To simplify, this program consists of start-up tech companies that work with JLR in developing new vehicle technologies, especially for connectivity and infotainment. The program will add 3 new app-developing companies to its group this year namely; AVE, Validated, and Lifeboat.

AVE specializes in vehicle entertainment system optimization, while Validated lets business establishments like shops and restaurants pay for their customers’ parking or commute. Lifeboat, on the other hand, provides easy-to-use online booking/scheduling for automotive servicing and maintenance.

JLR entrusted this tech expansion project to Rupert Poole. He has accumulated over 20 years of working experience in the automotive industry; 14 of which under JLR as Head of Future Infotainment in the UK. He’ll assume the position as the project’s Senior Collaborations Manager for Future Technology.

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