Kia relaunches its brand and announces upcoming vehicles including 7 EVs by 2027

Apart from showcasing its new logo and slogan which goes by the phrase ‘Movement that inspires’, further details and strategies for the near future were also revealed by Kia. This includes their focus on venturing clean mobility solutions through launching 7 electric vehicles by 2027.

These upcoming EVs shall range from passenger vehicles, SUVs, and MPVs across several segments. As part of the package, each model shall come reinforced with the brand’s industry-leading technology for long-range driving and high-speed charging. In conjunction with this, the South Korean automaker also plans to account for 6.6% of the global Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) market by 2025 followed by posting a global annual BEV sales of 500,000 in 2026.

Apart from its electrifying vision, the new Kia brand is also aiming to develop a range of Purpose-Built Vehicles (PBVs) for corporate customers. These models shall sit on the flexible ‘Skateboard’ platform that’s accompanied by modular bodies designed to take on the needs of corporate and fleet customers. 

Moreover, Kia also teased nine other vehicles during its recent presentation. As dubbed by the brand, the following models include a powerful and dynamic crossover, a fun and practical commuter, a strong and bold SUV, an agile and dynamic machine, a long and elegant sedan, a micro-autonomous pod, a small individual urban transporter, a midsize commuter, and a large logistics companion. 

Kia will expand into new and emerging business areas by creating innovative mobility products and services to improve customers’ daily lives. 

At Kia, we believe that transportation, mobility, and movement represent a human right. Our vision is to create sustainable mobility solutions for consumers, communities, and societies globally. Today we start putting this vision into action with the launch of our new brand purpose and strategy for the future.”

If you want to have a more in-depth look at its recent presentation, you can simply watch the video down below.

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