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While Kia made a fashionable debut of the Telluride eight-seat crossover earlier this week, it seems like it’s brewing something amazing back in its hometown for its smaller model, the K3 (also known as Cerato or Forte here in the Philippines). The South Korean marque surprises the world with a quick preview of the GT version of the five-door K3 – and it looks like a BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo.

The Kia K3 Hatchback GT is the pumped up version of the Forte Sedan that was unveiled earlier this year. While the Forte sedan is something we adore with its sharp looks and undeniable European styling, its GT version challenged our adoration with its BMW-esque appeal. Take a look at the images below.

Say what you like, but the Kia K3 GT could really be mistaken for a 3 Series, especially with its midnight blue color that’s common among bimmers. Of note, Kia said that the GT version will be available in both sedan and hatchback variants.

What sets the GT version apart from its non-GT brothers is the splash of red color on the grille, which is reminiscent of the smaller Picanto GT Line that we have here. The highlights of red continue in the GT side sills and the red cap of the 18-inch wheels. A set of black side mirrors and a GT emblem finish off the design department.

This is also the first time we’ll see the Forte Hatchback GT. It bears the sleek front-end of the Forte sedan, while sporting a different rear-end with equally sleek taillights. It’s also important to take note that the turn signal lights are unusually positioned in the bumper – a styling that’s becoming prominent these days.

The Kia Forte GT, both sedan and hatchback, will be powered by a 1.6L turbocharged GDI engine, mated to a seven-speed dual clutch transmission. It’s capable of producing 201 hp and 265 Nm of torque, which are more powerful than the 147-hp 2.0L Nu engine of the Forte sedan.

Those are just the preliminary details about the Kia Forte GT. Reports said that the marque is set to officially launch the GT models by next month, so until then, there are still several questions left unanswered like its interior features, among others. But the real question is, will Kia Philippines re-introduce its compact car into the local market? We're not sure. Do we want the company to? Absolutely.

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