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Since the Philippines transitioned into General Community quarantine last May 2020, it has caused very long queues and delays with the emissions testing of vehicles. Despite the risk of having the clean air act violated, still, there was even a suggestion to cancel the emissions testing requirements for this year in order to address those expired vehicle registration of motorists. Contrary to that, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) has a different approach in dealing with the situation, as it urges to open the following vehicle inspection centers across the country.

In order to cater those vehicle owners who are in need of the said service, both the Department of Transportation (DOTr) and the LTO are fast-tracking its Private Motor Vehicle Inspection Centers (PMVICs). This should enable them to provide the prior requirement for the renewal of vehicle registrations.

Notably, the new PMVICs are automated vehicle inspection facilities, as results will then be automatically sent to the LTO’s IT system. Aside from the needed emission testing, PMVICs will also test the vehicle’s roadworthiness prior to registration. As per DOTr Secretary Arthur Tugade the automated system will also reduce the opportunities for corruption to occur, as some emission centers use Photoshop-type apps in order to cheat and beat the system. 

The Authorization Committee is aiming to open 32 PMVICs nationwide by the last week of August. After the said 32 vehicle inspection centers, other PMVICs are set to be operational in the succeeding months. Specifically 29 inspection centers for September 2020, 14 in October 2020, 3 in November 2020, 5 in December 2020, and 25 in January 2021. 

As per DOTR, out of the 138 identified sites, 113 have already been awarded to private operators, which leaves the 25 sites to still be awarded. These PMVICs will essentially replace the emission testing centers which should enlighten those very long queues and delays of vehicle owners who are to renew their registrations, however, slowdowns with regard to General Community Quarantine, Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine, and Enhanced Community Quarantine, might hamper the development of these centers making the wait for a shorter wait, a little bit longer. 

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