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The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has recently hit a milestone with its new Land Transportation Management System (LTMS). The government agency now has over 1 million users on its online platform that allows them to transact online as well as to schedule appointments with regards to vehicle registration and licensing.

According to LTO Assistant Secretary Edgar C. Galvante, the LTMS was built by leading German technology provider Dermalog. With the new system in place, it has become a cornerstone of the government agency’s five-year Information Technology modernization program, which aims to make the agency more efficient and online-related. A much-needed evolutionary step for the LTO especially with the still ongoing pandemic.

As part of the LTO’s digital transformation, the LTMS portal gives online service 24/7, allows transactions anytime and anywhere, is customer-centered, seamless with virtually no human intervention allowed, and paperless

Galvante further adds by stating “It is a powerful tool for our clients to use as they need it and wherever it is convenient.” That being said, the LTO chief also assured the public that the government agency is on track to provide online services to driver’s license and vehicle registration clients so that they can limit physical contact between workers and their clients amidst the ongoing health crisis. 

Aside from helping streamline the process of vehicle registration and license application, the LTMS also makes sure to safeguard the data that is submitted to it by the clients. Aside from that, the online system also helps eliminate the fixers from the equation. Ensuring that everyone goes through the proper process of either vehicle registration or licensing application. 

The online system was rolled out last year and has since made it easier for users to apply and renew their driver’s licenses, student permits, as well as request for revision of records and deal with certificates of no apprehension all from the comfort of their homes. 

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