LTO electronic contactless ticketing system

In order to lessen direct physical contact between the driver and enforcer, the LTO (Land Transportation Office) is utilizing a new method of issuing traffic citations to errant motorists. Just recently, the LTO-NCR West conducted field testing for the agency's Law Enforcement Traffic Adjudication System with the use of its new handheld device called the ETOP (Electronic Temporary Operator's Permit).

Aside from simplifying the process of issuing traffic violation citations and verifying if a driver's license is legitimate or fake via verification, ETOP also reduces physical contact between the driver and the enforcer which is very relevant today given the ongoing pandemic.

LTO ETOP system

The violator’s license is simply scanned by the ETOP system, which therefore allows the enforcer to capture all the necessary details of the driver. After that, the enforcer records the driver's violation digitally, then a traffic violation receipt will immediately be printed and issued to the driver. 

In terms of the fine payment, the erring motorist can already pay at any LTO accredited electronic payment centers. Just simply pay through any of the following electronic payment channels including GCash, Bancnet, BPI Online, and Unionbank Online. The traffic violation should be settled immediately after payment. 

According to LTO, the usual citation process done by the enforcers takes about 15 to 20 minutes. With the full implementation of the ETOP system, enforcers can run the data, and issue a traffic citation for as quick as 5 to 10 minutes.

This is quite a smart move from LTO as it gains a number of benefits in several areas. Aside from ETOP enabling better convenience for both driver and enforcer, this new ticketing system should promote better safety through reducing physical contact which could somewhat trigger the rising numbers of positive COVID-19 cases.

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