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The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has slowly begun to reopen its offices in General Community Quarantine (GCQ) areas. With its resumption of operations, the LTO has also reopened its Personal Appointment and Scheduling System (PASS). The system was first introduced in 2008 but was temporarily put on hold. It would later be revived in 2017 and successfully launched in April of 2018. The system was temporarily shut down in light of the pandemic, however, with LTO branches reopening the system has been put back online on its .net website. 

The new feature functions in the same manner as the Department of Foreign Affairs’ (DFA) online appointment system in which interested applicants can set up an appointment at their desired date and LTO site to renew their vehicle’s registration or their driver’s license. The LTO also wants to stress that the online appointment system comes free of charge.

The objective of PASS is to be an online facility for the LTO wherein the public can create their own transaction appointments for Plain Renewal of Motor vehicle registration and Driver’s license. Plain Renewal means that nothing will be changed or added in your vehicle’s registration or license. The new system aims to provide the following for clients and the public, the new system will provide the public with convenience for their transactions, avoid crowding at office sites, assist the LTO in managing the inflow of customers, improve processing efficiency, and modernize and enhance services of the LTO to the public.

The system works in eight simple steps. First, the applicant will go to the LTO website and set up an appointment. There the applicant will have to fill in their Driver’s License details or Motor vehicle registration details as well as choose a desired LTO site and date and time. 

Second, the applicant will have to wait for a confirmation email from the office. Here is where you will have to be diligent in monitoring your email as the confirmation could come at any time.

Third, the government office will then confirm the schedule. In this step all the user has to do is print out the appointment slip attached in the verification email sent out by the LTO. Make sure to have at least two copies on standby in case anything happens.

Fourth, the LTO will then lock in and reserve the appointment schedule for the applicant. The applicant will do nothing for this step as the government office will handle the rest.

Fifth, the applicant will then have to prepare the required documents prior to the appointment. Make sure to have all your documents in order and in an envelope to make it easier for you to carry it around.

Sixth, the applicant shall bring these documents on the scheduled day and to the specified site on time. Make sure that you are not late for your appointment as if you miss your slot you may have to reschedule for a different day. 

Seventh the LTO site will then assist the applicant with the appointment and evaluate the application. Office personnel will be on hand at any LTO site to help direct the applicant with the proper queueing and to help them with the new process.

Eighth the applicant will then pay the fees at the LTO cashier. After a short wait, the LTO will then inspect your vehicle for those who are renewing their registration. Once this has been accomplished the government office will release either the new Driver’s license or the new OR/CR and other accountable items. 

Motor Vehicle registration renewal:

For vehicle renewal you will need the following documents: Certificate of Registration (CR), Official Receipt of payment (OR), accomplished Motor Vehicle Inspection Report (MVIR), Certificate of insurance (COC), Certificate of Emission Compliance (CEC), and your Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN). If you do not have a TIN yet this requirement can be skipped or replaced with a government-issued ID.

Driver’s License renewal:

When renewing your driver’s license you will need the following: Current or Expired professional or non-professional license, Official Receipt of payment (OR), a medical certificate that has been given out by any certified LTO-licensed physician, and any government-issued ID.

On the date of your appointment simply just approach any LTO personnel and they will guide you towards a special lane for online appointments. Once you get to the window just present the required documents and proceed with your transaction. Once your transaction has been accomplished your vehicle will be inspected or your photo and signature will be taken. From there just wait till your new documents are printed out and are ready for release.

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