MDPPA boosts road safety campaign as DUI fatalities go up

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) said that in 2013, 10,379 people died due to road accidents in the Philippines, 53% of those were motorcyclists. That’s why the Motorcycle Development Program Participants Association (MDPPA) is now aiming solve this serious issue.

The MDPPA was formed in 1973 by the country’s leading motorcycle manufacturers; Honda Philippines, Inc., Kawasaki (Phils.), Corp., Norkis Trading, Corp., and Suzuki Philippines, Inc. The purpose of the group is to educate as many motorists as possible about road safety on all types of vehicles.

Their latest task now centers on finding ways to lessen road accident deaths related to drunk driving. This is because the data from WHO also revealed that over a thousand of those fatalities were found to be driving under the influence (DUI).

In addition, a 2014 Traffic Accident Report by the Metro Manila Accident and Recording Analysis System (MMARAS) stated that a total of 90,258 accidents were reported that year. 418 of which were fatal, 16,665 non-fatal, and the remaining 73,175 ended up damaging properties.

And just recently, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) also revealed that from January to July 2015, they logged a total of 11,721 motorcycle accidents.

All these findings were mostly due to DUI, carelessness, drowsiness, and other forms of human errors. With these stats in mind, MDPPA laid down their strategies in carrying out this road safety endeavor. These involved a series of seminars that aim to re-educate the motoring public of the proper safety measures to be taken while on the road.

According to MDPPA President Rodel Pablo, “While it is difficult to avoid drinking alcoholic beverages, it should not be an excuse to drive intoxicated. And while road accidents remain to be among the leading causes of fatality in the country, most can be avoided with proper education of the drivers.”

MDPPA also advised that before heading out, motorists should make it a point to always check if their vehicle is in good running condition. They also have to assure that their vehicle is fitted with genuine parts that don’t sacrifice quality.

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