Automotive manufacturers are on a tight race to produce and perfect the concept of self-driving cars. As such, the idea of developing autonomous mobility also extends to the motorcycle industry as Canadian designer Eduardo Arndt introduced the Brigade concept.  

The Brigade is a riderless police motorcycle concept that is powered by batteries. It is equipped with cameras, sensors, projectors, and speakers in order to hunt vehicles with expired registrations as well as illegally parked cars.

When this riderless police motorcycle spotted a violator, it would send timestamped video evidence to the municipal court and email the owner a citation. On the other hand, if a vehicle is caught speeding, it would notify the driver with flashing lights and an audio message. If the driver ignored those signals, it would alert the nearby police patrol.    

If this concept turned into a real production unit, the Brigade could lessen the legwork of actual police officers. It could also provide an additional help in monitoring the streets and in enforcing the law. However, the question is, could this machine survive in the busy streets of Metro Manila?

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