Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Digital Light

What if cars can communicate to humans, like those characters in Disney Pixar’s Cars animated film? Wouldn’t that be great? You’ll instantly know what’s wrong with it, as it has the capability to tell you. We’re not in that time yet, and erase the idea of Lightning McQueen inside your garage because we could possibly be light years away from that. Or not.

Let’s get back to the real world and check out what Mercedes-Benz has ingeniously created. Get this one: Mercedes-Benz is making the Maybach S-Class talk through its headlights. We’re not going crazy, they really are serious in letting their executive sedan talk through a set high-quality-projecting LED lights. The German car manufacturer calls this the Digital Light and we’re darn impressed. Here’s a short clip for you.

Yup, Mercedes-Benz has just welcomed us to the future of car lights and safety technology. We do believe that the introduction of the Digital Light is just the beginning of something revolutionary in terms of on-road communication.

“With a resolution of over one million pixels per headlamp, DIGITAL LIGHT not only creates ideal light conditions for every driving situation; it also extends the visual support from our driving assistance systems.”

To give you an idea, this high-definition lamp has a chip with over a million micro-reflectors that projects light in patterns, forming letters or even illustrations. In addition, the innovative feature also serves as a navigation guide to the driver. A powerful computer could project lanes, arrows, and symbols to alert the driver, given different road conditions that are processed by cameras and sensors.

Symbols include low-grip surface sign, construction site warning, rear-end collision, lane-keeping alert, blind-spot sign, and speed reminder. When a pedestrian is detected in the danger zone of the road, they will be alerted by an arrow illustration. Cool, huh? 

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