2019 Mitsubishi L300

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) is bringing back its iconic workhorse in the Philippines – the 2019 L300 light commercial vehicle. The reincarnation is said to feature a better and more efficient engine that’s Euro IV-compliant.

The 2019 iteration of one of the Philippines' favorite multipurpose vehicles was displayed at a recent Mitsubishi event celebrating one million-unit sales. From the looks of it, the 2019 L300 still carries the good-old design we all grew up seeing. One notable upgrade seen is the new chrome-plated grille on the front. Found underneath the hood is a more eco-friendly engine, which specs have yet to be revealed. Further, interior elements are pretty much still the same.

Before the government began implementing the Euro 4 emission standard, the L300 was equipped with a 2.5-liter gasoline engine. According to certain reports, the 2019 L300 could have a smaller but more capable engine. Nothing’s confirmed, however, so if you’re looking forward to checking the new L300 out, you’d have to wait for the official details and specifications.

The comeback of the L300 nameplate could help the Japanese automaker further boost MMPC’s performance in the market. Last 2018, MMPC saw a positive outcome of 18.89% increase. Because of that, MMPC got the spot for the second best-selling brand in the country. Is it going after an even better position this year?

According to CarGuide.ph, the 2019 L300 will still be built in MMPC’s Santa Rosa Laguna assembly plant. We’ll keep you posted once MMPC releases its prices and in-depth specifications.

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