The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) announced a partnership with the real-time crowd-sourced traffic and navigation app, Waze. The partnership aims to promote greater efficiency and safer roads for citizens of Metro Manila.

MMDA said that this partnership will be the first ever Connected Citizens Partnership here in the Philippines. The Connected Citizens Partnership is a program introduced by Waze which grants metropolitan leaders a real-time surveillance of road activities, making it easy for its partners to make real-time decisions in improving traffic congestions.     

MMDA, on the other hand, will provide real-time government-reported road closures, constructions, accidents, and other incidents through Waze. MMDA said that there are around 1 million commuters using Waze in Metro Manila. 

With the Waze map evolving with every driver and points it receives, commuters are able to acquire more knowledge about road activities. To top this, the Connected Citizens program yields additional data, giving commuters the ability to avoid possible travel delays. 

Moreover, MMDA can now provide Waze app users with notice regarding possible major traffic jams due to public events ahead of time.

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