The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has laid a plan in solving the parking problem around Metro Manila. The solution includes filing charges against motorists who illegally park their cars.

According to a report by, MMDA officer in charge Tim Orbos stated that there are 80-100 vehicles getting towed everyday by their personnels. In accordance with this, he admitted that it takes significant amount of resources, time, and space, which heavily affects the traffic flow. 

The MMDA added that they are also looking to file charges against barangay officials who tolerate illegal parking of vehicles. Another option that Orbos proposed is posting the violator’s name in the watchlist, which would cause inconvenience when renewing the driver’s license. He also cited that the “time-bound parking” system could help ease traffic flow. Under this scheme, car owners have to remove their parked vehicles during peak hours in order to free-up the secondary roads.         

Furthermore, MMDA reminded the parking violators about the towing process. Procedures vary on certain situations. An unattended vehicle will not be towed right away without the tow truck alerting the owner by horn five times. 

A P 500 penalty would be imposed to the violator and a fine based on the distance of the car from where it was towed to the impounding garage will be charged on a per-kilometer basis.  

Of note, the violator will find it hard to renew its registration after failing to settle the penalties. For more information regarding MMDA’s towing procedures, click here.


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