MMDA traffic enforcers

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has gotten more serious in dealing with their corrupt personnel, as the agency reiterated the strict implementation of the One Strike policy.

The policy will cover all MMDA employees that will be proven guilty of illegal activities. General Manager Tim Orbos further expounded by saying that accused employees will be subjected to preventive suspension at once – be it permanent, casual, or on job order status. 

Even a simple insinuation or word that our employees are engaged in any corrupt practices shall be investigated immediately. And if proven guilty, then we will file the necessary administrative charges and apply the appropriate sanction after due process,” said Orbos. 

Furthermore, all departments that will be responsible for dealing with such cases were instructed, through a memorandum issued by MMDA, to observe prompt investigation process. 

Orbos also clarified that he is willing to replace all existing traffic enforcers if that's what it takes to fight the corruption inside the agency. 

While the One Strike policy applies within MMDA, Orbos also called the attention of tow truck drivers as they also represent MMDA in the eyes of the public. The MMDA head reminded tow truck companies and drivers to exercise the same standards that the MMDA is directed to follow; whereas the same sanction will apply to those who will be proven guilty as charged.

Photo courtesy of Metropolitan Manila Development Authority.

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