MMDA launches allowing motorist to check if they have violations

The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) launched that lets motorists check if they have committed any traffic violations. This is in support of their No-Contact Apprehension Policy (NCAP) where they rely on CCTV footage to check for infractions.

Motorist can go to the website and enter their plate number with no spaces. They then have to complete a captcha confirmation, before they can submit.

If you have an offense, the data will show the plate number of the erring vehicle, the location, date, and time the traffic violation was committed. If there’s no record, you will only be presented by a light-hearted quote. Look at the images below to see a real response from the site. 

MMDA Chairman Emerson Carlos said the website was their response to the public’s demand for an easy way of checking if they have incurred any violation.

The owner or operator of the erring vehicle would still receive a written notice and the driver in question would have 7 days to dispute the charge. If the fine was not settled, the plate number would be included in the Alarm List in Land Transportation Office and would not be able to register until the fine is paid.

The NCAP was revived after the guidelines were refined. Previously, motorists have to settle the fine first before they can contest the violation credited to them.

With no contact between officer and driver, corrupt officers won’t have a chance for any bribe in exchange of a ticket. It also aims for motorists to be more disciplined throughout their journey and not only when an officer is in sight.

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