Lexus IS Teaser Photo Rear Taillights

Lexus plans to hold the world premiere of its sport compact sedan the Lexus IS, on June 10, 2020, at 8:00 am Japanese Standard Time (JST). The luxury arm of Toyota is finally revealing an update to the compact sedan in its line up. The current model has been on sale since 2014 and is due for an overhaul from the brand. 

The current third-generation XE30, had a good run, with a 3.5-liter V6 engine, rear-wheel drive, and an F Sport package for the top-end trim, the compact performed well and was well-groomed – as expected from a brand like Lexus. 

So what’s next for the “XE40” or the fourth-generation IS from Lexus? Well, we don’t know much yet, however, the brand has released a teaser photo showing a redesigned taillight array, which is not that different from the third-gen IS models. 

Whereas the old models were split down the middle just like any other car, the new IS sports a unified taillight design, which means that a gorgeous LED bar stretches from side to side giving extra character to the design. 

Lexus IS Rear Taillights

Comparing it side-by-side with its predecessor, however, we see that Lexus retained a few design cues in the older model. Looking at its rear, we see that the general shape of the third-generation model was followed. 

Lexus UX Rear Taillights

However, the design looks strikingly similar to the Lexus UX’s rear lamp configuration. A bar joins the two light clusters on either side and it also features a similar shape to the IS in the teaser image. 

As for engines, it is likely that Lexus will be introducing a new powertrain in its IS sedan, or it could retain the old powertrains available in the third-generation model. Such powertrains like the turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder motor, or any of the V6 engines in Toyota’s stable. Hybrids aren’t out of the question either, and a hybrid model is very likely, at least in other territories. It’s safe to say that we’d be surprised and very happy to see a new turbocharged V6 powertrain from Lexus in the new IS, though, we’re not going to bank on it 100% – just hoping for it with all our might because that could also mean not just an F Sport model, but a legitimate IS F model. 

Lexus IS Launch Event Facebook

Lexus has also set up a Facebook event page for the unveiling. Apparently, the launch will happen online and in Canada, hence the time difference. The model will be launched on June 9, while it will be June 10 on this side of the globe. 

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