Mazda Kodo RX-7

Emotion, especially love, is a weird human characteristic. Those who solely listen to the beat of their hearts are likely to be filled with passion and do some irrational things. A break-up tends to bring out irrationality in most people, making them lust after what is familiar and comfortable. Defaulting to nostalgia seems to be a common trope among car enthusiasts, often looking to the past with reverence. The phrase “they don’t make them like they used to” rings true to automobiles of old. Motoring before was simpler, more mechanical, and raw.


Nothing embodies these characteristics more than Mazda’s premier sports car back in the golden era of JDM, the ‘90s. The FD RX-7 sparked an entire generation of enthusiasts. One of the hero cars in the popular anime, Initial D, the clean lines and the unique engine ignited the interest of many blooming car enthusiasts. 

Wankel Rotary

For its time, the Wankel Rotary engine was a breakthrough in minimal engine design. Foregoing the need for camshafts, valves, pistons, and other complexities, the Wankel boasted fewer moving parts and a higher redline than standard piston-driven engines. Revving all the way to 9,000 RPM, the engine was a joy to drive. Bringing it to redline was actually a necessity in order to maintain it, while providing an intoxicating sound that’s enough to make a grown man transform back into a child. 

Fan Render RX7

Taking a look at the fan renders, and it looks like a mashup of Mazda’s Kodo design on a coupe with the RX-7’s familiar tail light shape adorning the rear.

VIsion Concept

It is interesting to see what fans think Mazda will do with its halo car. The render seems to follow Mazda’s Vision concept a few years back following similar proportions and lines. Both the concepts and renders are a far cry from the design of the FD RX-7. 

Dear Mazda, with the launch of the new Supra, the GT-R making waves everywhere it goes, and the NSX in the global market, maybe it is time to join the JDM supercar showdown once again. 


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