Mazda Vision Coupe Concept

Days before the 45th Tokyo Motor Show, Mazda teased 2 concept cars. One of them is a hatchback car bearing the latest KODO design language and a sedan dubbed as the Vision Coupe concept.

Well, don't get fooled by the 'Coupe' on its name as the car doesn't have a 2-door layout – that would be the RX-Vision concept. Basically, the Vision Coupe Concept appears to be like a 4-door version of the said 2-door concept car we first saw in August. The reason why it has the 'Coupe' on its name is to commemorate the origin of its design.

The exterior is all about simplicity. Mazda claims to have been strict on stripping everything that is unnecessary away from the car. Talk about the phrase "less is more." The Japanese automaker has achieved a 4-door coupe that has the curves of an exotic car, without exceeding on intricateness. To wrap the outside form, the car has the coupe proportion that, according to Mazda, was inspired on classic coupe cars.

Strikingly simple, the interior offers breathable atmosphere to its occupants. Mazda has created a sense of cabin space with lines flowing from front to back, as if the car's in motion even though it's not. Evidently, there are no presence of large display screens. Instead, the cabin is integrated with see-through screen that only activates when needed.

What's a concept car without bearing the latest Jinba-ittai sense of driving? Mazda's aim to provide its drivers a sense of oneness with their models has been integrated to the Vision Coupe concept. This is achieved through making the cockpit layout as symmetrical as possible.

Alongside this concept, Mazda will also be showcasing its newest SkyActiv-X gasoline engine, as well as the special edition MX-5 roadster with hand-operated controls.

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