Nissan-Microsoft tie up leads to Cortana integration.

Following the announcement of Renault-Nissan and Microsoft partnership, the Japanese automaker now unveiled their plans on the integration of Microsoft’s digital assistant in some of its vehicles.

Reports from The Verge said that Nissan is currently working closely with Microsoft in relation to its Connected Vehicle Platform, utilizing Azure, Cortana, and Office 365. With this, Nissan consumers will have the luxury of interacting with the artificial intelligent (AI) interface Cortana, which is expected to adapt drivers and other vehicles preferences and features.

In a concept video shown at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES)—viewable at The Verge website—Nissan demonstrated the integration of Cortana and the possible things can be done with the digital assistant. Furthermore, Cortana’s ability to understand and suggest alternative routes was also showcased there. Cortana even hinted in the video its ability to automatically park by asking “shall I engage auto park.”

However, it isn’t just Nissan who is up for such plans. In fact, just before the Japanese marque’s announcement is BMW’s preview of a similar plan – integrating Cortana through access in the dash screen with options like events, to-do lists, reminders, and news.

In addition, Microsoft’s business development executive Peggy Johnson further explained that Microsoft is not building its own connected car, but rather help automakers create solutions that seamlessly fit their brands.

The same report also says that Microsoft is further developing its cloud platform to support automakers’ autonomous car projects, maintenance, and navigation features. In other accounts, the tech giant also recently revealed their plans in integrating Cortana in home appliances like toasters, thermostats, and fridges.

This brings us to question, with the existence of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, could Cortana battle its way to stand out? 

Source: The Verge

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