Nissan FUTURES webinar aiming for electrified mobility in ASEAN

Nissan is set to discuss the future of electrified mobility in ASEAN through an interactive online webinar this coming February 4, 2021, from 13:30 up to 15:00 h.Indochina Time (ICT). Nissan FUTURES – Electrification and Beyond shall go by the theme of ‘Electrifying 250 million cars. An impossible dream?’. This virtual event is set to be hosted by motoring journalist James Deakin.

Industry leaders, government officials, the media, and Nissan executives are expected to be present during the said webinar. In correlation to the subject matter,  Frost and Sullivan - a business consulting firm, are also set to unveil results of a new study regarding consumer perceptions towards electrified mobility in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and the Philippines during the event. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), labeled as the top two greatest environmental risks to health nowadays are both traffic noise and air pollution. In fact, key ASEAN cities experience an average high of 83dB noise level which was mainly due to transportation.

As ASEAN governments and business leaders adjust to the new normal in 2021, electrifying 250 million cars in ASEAN is a key step in creating a more sustainable future in Southeast Asia. Moreover, environmental sustainability has been underlined by economists and consultancies as one of the key engines to accelerate economic growth.

Given that the Japanese automaker is a pioneer in electrified mobility, they shall stay committed in making this dream a reality. This is, perhaps, through its Nissan FUTURES webinar which would then allow them to discuss bold policies and business plans to dare the impossible.

With all that said, Sekiguchi will be joined in a panel discussion by Edmund Araga, President, Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines; Dusit Anantarak, Senior Expert, Office of Industrial Economics, Ministry of Industry, Thailand; and Vivek Vaidya, Associate Partner, Senior Vice President, Intelligent Mobility, Frost and Sullivan Asia Pacific. The following people shall then shall open the changing mobility priorities in the years to come.

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