Nissan LEAF Charging Cover

Before the month of January ended, Nissan Philippines held a thanksgiving event to recount and commemorate the several milestones it has achieved in the previous year. Big news for the Nissan LEAF electric vehicle was shared by the President of Nissan Philippines himself, Juan Manuel Hoyos, among other announcements. 

The LEAF EV will be getting a price cut in the near future, thanks to the recently passed Executive Order on the tariffs for imported EVs coming to the Philippine market. Specifically, Executive Order No. 12 imposes a “zero tariff” rate for imported electric vehicles as well as a tax reduction on vehicle components for a five-year period. Hybrid vehicles do not fall under this however and will still be taxed at the current rate.

Nissan LEAF Front Inline

Since the LEAF is a full battery-electric vehicle, it is qualified for the zero tariff rate. Powering the EV is an electric motor supplied with energy by a 40 kWh battery producing a power figure of 148 hp and 320 Nm of torque. Nissan claims that the current generation LEAF can travel up to 311 km with a full charge. It is also worth mentioning that the Philippines gets its stock of the Nissan LEAF from Japan, specifically in the Oppama plant in the Kanagawa prefecture. 

Nissan Thanksgiving event inline

Nissan Philippines has not disclosed how much the LEAF’s price will go down, so we can’t give  an exact figure yet, but, since the LEAF is qualified for the zero tariff rate, the price cut is sure to be a considerable amount.

Aside from the LEAF’s future price reduction, Nissan PH President Juan Manuel Hoyos also mentioned that people can expect to see a “showcase of speed, excitement, and performance” from Nissan in 2023. Is that a hint for a 400z coupe debut here in the Philippines? We don’t really know, but, 2023 is still just starting so we’ll find out soon enough.

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