Nissan Aseana dealership

Another new Nissan dealership is being built and this time, it’s in Aseana city. Aseana City is a large parcel of land located next to SM’s Mall of Asia. The location is already a small automotive hot-bed as new car dealerships have been sprouting up in the location.

D.M. Wenceslao & Associates, Incorporated (DMW) through its 50%-owned joint venture, Bay Resources, and Development Corporation (BRADCO), announced that a Nissan car dealership will be built along BRADCO Avenue near where the Aseana Powerstation building is located.

We are excited to welcome Nissan to Aseana City and give its customers an opportunity to interact with the brand

Wenceslao continues stating that DMW wants to help Nissan Philippines realize its strategy by making Aseana City a modern and lively place that meets global infrastructure standards. The location is also a strategic location for the Japanese automaker for it to be part of its distribution network. With the site being in proximity to high public traffic areas and attractions, the location is ideal for the public to interact with Nissan and its products.

The new dealership will be built on a 2,500 square meter parcel of land, the estimated time of construction completion is by 2021. No specific month or date was mentioned. The leasing period for the land is for 10 years but there is an option that can extend the lease for another five years.

Nissan has been on a roll recently opening up new dealerships all over the Philippines. Its most recent addition to its 40 plus dealership nationwide is its Bacoor dealership which recently started construction last September 9, 2019.

This new addition is also part of Nissan’s plan to open 8-10 dealerships this year. The addition of new dealerships is the Japanese car manufacturer’s way of granting better access to services for its existing customers and to better give the public access to its vehicle lineup.

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