Nissan Philippines refunds safeguard duty bonds and adjusts Navara pricing

In light of the Department of Trade and Industry’s (DTI’s) junking of the provisional safeguard duties imposed on imported vehicles into the country, many automakers have begun the process of refunding their customers and adjusting their prices for the bond. One such company that has already begun this process is Nissan Philippines.

Nissan navara VE

Since only one model in the Japanese automaker’s lineup has been affected by the safeguard duty bond, namely the Nissan Navara, the brand will only give out refunds for this model. Nissan will be refunding those who bought the popular pickup from them from April 8 to August 11, 2021, a total amount of P123,200 regardless if they paid in cash or have gotten their vehicle through financing. 

While the original amount imposed by the safeguard duty bonds on light commercial vehicles was P110,000, Nissan is also refunding the 12% Value Added Tax (VAT) that was also added to that amount when customers paid for their vehicle. 

Nissan welcomes the decision of the Tariff Commission and Department of Trade and Industry not to implement definitive general safeguard duties on imported vehicles. We believe this move greatly benefits our customers and the automotive industry as a whole.
Nissan Navara PRO 4X

With the safeguard duty bonds gone, Nissan Philippines has also repriced the Navara making it more affordable than before. The following are the new prices for the popular pickup truck without the safeguard duty bonds.

2021 Navara EL MT 4x2 – PHP 1,026,000

2021 Navara VE Calibre MT 4x2 – PHP 1,246,000

2021 Navara VE Calibre AT 4x2 – PHP 1,336,000

2021 Navara VE MT 4x4 – PHP 1,376,000

2021 Navara VL Calibre AT 4x2 – PHP 1,476,000

2021 Navara VL Calibre AT 4x2 Aspen White Pearl – PHP 1,491,000

2021 Navara VL MT 4x4 – PHP 1,576,000 

2021 Navara VL MT 4x4 Aspen White Pearl – PHP 1,591,000

2021 Navara VL AT 4x4 – PHP 1,656,000

2021 Navara VL AT 4x4 Aspen White Pearl - PHP 1,671,000

2021 Navara Pro-4X AT 4x4 – PHP 1,746,000

2021 Navara Pro-4X AT 4x4 Aspen White Pearl – PHP 1,761,000

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