Nissan Leaf NISMO RC EV

Nissan is reportedly considering launching performance-oriented electric vehicles (EVs) with NISMO badging. The news comes as the Japanese automaker continues its pioneer status in the emissions-free vehicle game with up to 15 new all-electric models planned for release by the end of the decade.

As per a report by Top Gear, Guillaume Cartier, the Chairman of Nissan Europe, has spoken of the company’s plans to launch performance versions of some of its upcoming models.

NISMO is an asset that we have, and that’s something we want to revitalize. And will we have some, let’s say, cars with the derivative NISMO? The answer is yes.

We have to remember that there is precedent for what Nissan is trying to achieve now. Way back in 2011, it launched the LEAF NISMO RC, an electric race car using technology from the mass-market LEAF EV. Seven years later in 2018, we saw the second-generation model, which packed twin electric motors capable of 322 hp and 640 Nm of instant torque. The LEAF NISMO RC weighs only 1220 kg and goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds. 

If that’s a taste of what we can expect from a NISMO EV, then that’s certainly a promising idea. However, Nissan has yet to depict what its future models could look like. Two things are for sure, though, these EVs will have specifically-tuned suspensions and bespoke powertrains.

For something like the Nissan Ariya, which already boasts a high-performance, high-capacity battery, the company would have to go bigger. Could we eventually see a NISMO-badged Ariya? It’s not out of the question and could certainly be the case down the line.

Nissan has appeared to struggle with its EV strategy as of late. Although it led the charge in years past with the LEAF, it has since been overshadowed by more aggressive brands, including companies like Tesla, Ford, and Kia. It’s clear that the brand will have to play catch up if it wants a place in an electric future. NISMO versions of its new EVs could be just what the doctor ordered for Nissan.

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