Formula E

Nissan has announced that they will compete in the Federation Internationale de l'automobile (FIA) Formula E. This makes them the 1st Japanese brand to join the fully electric motorsport.

The carmaker aims to participate in the 2018 – 2019 season when the series introduces the new chassis and battery specifications. Renault will be lending Nissan a helping hand to develop their race car as part of their alliance. In addition, the move aims to put a spotlight on the Nissan Intelligent Mobility, which is found in the recently unveiled LEAF.

Nissan's DNA is rich in innovation in electric mobility, not to mention a long history of success in motorsports... It makes sense that we bring these two core elements together by competing in Formula E.

The LEAF is a 5-door all-electric vehicle packed with Nissan Intelligent Mobility. It’s sold more than 280,000 units making it the world’s best-selling electric vehicle.

Aside from Nissan, Mercedes and Porsche also announced their intentions of joining the rapidly emerging motorsport. But unlike Nissan, the German brands are slotted to participate a year later.

Formula E is the world’s 1st fully-electric single seater race series with a 20-car grid and 10 teams. Its 4th season will start December 2017 and will run until July 2018 with races taking place at street circuits in Hong Kong, Marrakesh, Buenos Aires, Mexico, Monaco, Paris, Berlin, New York, and Montreal.

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