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Ayala Corporation has solidified an agreement that establishes it as the official distributor of BYD, the renowned global leader in hybrid and all-electric vehicles, within the Philippines. AC Motors, under the stewardship of Jaime Alfonso Zobel de Ayala, is elated by this partnership, recognizing it as a pivotal step towards propelling the nation's mobility landscape into a future marked by acceleration.

BYD Tang

Zobel de Ayala, heading AC Motors, expressed the profound significance of this alliance, emphasizing that the collaboration between one of the Philippines' largest and diverse automotive conglomerates and the preeminent brand in electric vehicles (EVs) is instrumental in the enterprise's overarching aspiration to expedite the advancement of sustainable transportation within the country.

He further articulated a visionary perspective for AC Motors, envisioning the company's ascendancy as the premier platform for EVs and novel energy automobiles in the Philippines. This lofty ambition encompasses nurturing BYD into a cornerstone brand in the Philippine market, thereby securing a prominent foothold among EV manufacturers and establishing a noteworthy presence across the entire automotive sector.

BYD Tang

James Ng, the Managing Director of BYD Philippines and Singapore, echoed his enthusiasm, anticipating a collaborative effort that champions the evolution of the new energy vehicle industry in the Philippines. Ng envisaged a future characterized by eco-friendly and sustainable mobility, casting this venture as an exhilarating expedition towards that shared objective.

Ayala Corporation has been judiciously prioritizing electric mobility as a pivotal component of its overarching ecosystem. The corporation's distinctive advantage lies in its holistic capacity to deliver enduring value to EV patrons, leveraging its diverse portfolio encompassing renewable energy generation, automotive distribution, real estate development, manufacturing, financing, insurance, and digital connectivity—all intrinsic components of the evolving EV landscape.

BYD Dolphin

On the other hand, BYD boasts an extensive array of both passenger and commercial vehicles, each competitively priced to facilitate widespread adoption. The company's automotive operations are seamlessly integrated, encompassing not just vehicle design and assembly but also pioneering advancements in battery technology, electric powertrains, and semiconductor innovations. In addition to its automotive endeavors, BYD has cultivated investments in rail transit, renewable energy, and battery storage, solidifying its presence in multifarious sectors.

Within the Philippines' BYD dealerships, Ayala Corporation is set to offer a range of compelling models, including the luxury executive sedan BYD Han, the capacious seven-seater family SUV BYD Tang, and the nimble compact hatchback BYD Dolphin. Looking ahead, Ayala Corporation plans to introduce the globally lauded BYD ATTO 3, an acclaimed EV model celebrated for its exceptional design, comfort, quality, functionality, and performance. These diverse offerings cater to distinct market segments, effectively nurturing EV adoption across a broad spectrum of consumers.

BYD AC Motors

Zobel de Ayala underscored the appeal of these models and their potential to entice a varied customer base, citing BYD's global prominence in the EV domain and its recent triumphs in Southeast Asian markets. AC Motors aspires to replicate the same level of esteem and significance for the BYD brand within the Philippine context, thereby solidifying its position as a transformative force in the country's evolving automotive landscape.

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