Peugeot 24/7 services

Peugeot Philippines now has a 24-hour emergency hotline number for its customers. The hotline lets owners call for help at any time when needed. Accompanying this new 24-hour hotline is a service center that is at the ready at any time in case a vehicle comes for repairs or servicing.

With the worsening traffic situation, we understand how time is now a precious commodity, with this value-added service, we are hoping to provide assurance to our customers knowing that they can have their vehicles serviced at any time on any day. Making our service facilities available is one of many confidence-building efforts of Peugeot.

The 24/7 service center is at Peugeot Pasig and is the country’s first-ever in house service facility that can operate around the clock. The hotline, as well as the service facility, can provide expert care and professional assistance to customers who are in need of emergency assistance for their vehicles. The service center also offers critical services such as 24/7 towing and assistance, overall vehicle maintenance and repair, preventive maintenance service, electrical system check-up and repair, drivetrain and suspension, computer diagnosis, aircon, and mechanical system check-up. From pickup to repair, the service center has you covered to better diagnose and repair whatever part of the car is broken or malfunctioning. This is another step forward for companies that want to further enhance the ownership experience of their vehicles.

The addition of the 24/7 service center and the round the clock hotline is part of Peugeot Philippines’ campaign to promote a worry-free ownership experience. Owners will be happy to know that the 24/7 service center has the company’s brand certified technicians on hand to help you when you most need it. Further adding to this customers will be happy to know that Peugeot also has an extended warranty program for all its brand new vehicles as well as parts available across all nationwide service centers.

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