Ram 1500 EV teaser

The electric pickup truck market looks to be heating up as more automakers are slowly starting to try to enter this new segment. You have the likes of the Ford with its F-150 Lightning and Chevrolet with its Silverado EV. Not wanting to be left out Stellantis the mother company of RAM wants to join in the fray as it plans to release an electric version of the RAM 1500 pickup truck sometime in 2024.

Even before the supposed debut of the electric pickup truck, the Detroit automaker has already launched a new website called RamRevolution.com. Here customers can ask about the future EV pickup truck and the automaker can also gather information about any concerns interested buyers might have about the vehicle. Users can also choose to get updates about the vehicle along with exclusive content and images. RAM says that the website will give interested buyers and regular consumers alike a better understanding of the 1500 EV’s development process.

Launched as a stand-alone truck brand in 2009, Ram revolutionized the pickup truck segment once and is laser-focused on doing so again with the best electric trucks on the market. Our new Ram Revolution campaign will allow us to engage with consumers in a close and personal way, so we can gather meaningful feedback, understand their wants and needs and address their concerns – ultimately allowing us to deliver the best electric pickup truck on the market with the Ram 1500 BEV
RAM 1500 EV chassis

Aside from the website, RAM has also released a quick preview of the EV platform which will underpin the electric pickup truck. The automaker has also released a design sketch of the vehicle as a further tease of what's to come. While the sketch does not reveal too much, it does give us a sense of what to expect with the profile of the EV pickup truck. 

The RAM 1500 EV may be late to the game but it's a case of better late than never especially with soaring gas prices. We still aren’t sure if RAM Philippines will bring in this EV 1500 pickup truck any time soon but it could be a real possibility in a couple of years. 

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