Could Ford’s performance muscle car will be getting a dose of practicality?

So it seems that Ford’s plan to kill off its passenger car segment and do a lot of reworking of their entire lineup seems to have a strange effect on the only remaining two door coupe in its stable, the Mustang. And it plays a bigger role than we earlier thought, since apparently, there are hushed rumors going about that the Ford Mustang will also be offered in a four-door coupe style sedan variant.

According to Motor1, during a meeting of North American Ford dealers earlier this month, not only did they preview the 2020 Shelby GT500, but the American manufacturer also said a few words about the next generation Ford Mustang. Apparently, the said Mustang coupe styled sedan will be going against the likes of the Audi A7 and Porsche Panamera. This is in addition to the information we received and wrote about regarding an electric Mustang, which seems completely plausible, given the fact that Ford has been heavily investing in future technology.

The ever-recognizable V8 will most likely remain, but with hints towards turbocharging, similar to those found in the EcoBoost set of engines. Rumor has it that a twin-turbo setup will be utilized for the 5.0L engine variants. Not only that, but it would trickle down into the two-door versions, as well.

No further details at this point, but a nifty rendering from X-Tomi Design gives us a good idea on what Ford might be trying to accomplish. Using the current 2018 Ford Mustang fascia, it appears that the hardtop has been extended with the wheelbase, as the rear roof slopes down into the usual trunk. Now, we have no idea if the final version will be more of a wagon or a fastback, but it will obviously have to be much roomier in the rear than the two-door version we all know and love. In any case, the idea of a more practical and usable Mustang with the same performance is an interesting case, indeed.

Source: Motor1

Rendering: X-Tomi Design

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