LTO online complaint desk

The Senate blue ribbon committee has launched a new feature to help with complaints about the Land Transportation Office (LTO). The online complaint desk is aimed at addressing the “slow and corrupt services” of the government agency. For those who have complaints, panel chairman, Sen. Richard Gordon has the answer. All you need to do is fill out an online form at, for your complaint to be accounted for and attended to. 

Through our virtual complaint desk, we hope to encourage our people to participate by sending their concerns and complaints. All they must do is fill out a form online. Rest assured that their identities will be kept private.
LTO online complaint website

Gordon continues, “Now there’s a place to go to for our countrymen who have had enough of the slow or corrupt services of the LTO, especially the millions of Filipinos who have not acquired motorcycle plates up to now and those victimized by unscrupulous motorcycle dealers.”

As part of the online help desk feature, the data from the website will be collected and will be used with the ongoing investigation of the blue ribbon committee with the LTO’s alleged misfeasance, malfeasance, and nonfeasance, in the implementation of the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Law, otherwise known as Republic Act No. 11235.

Gordon encourages the public to report any incidents they encounter with the government office especially when it comes to incidents or crimes involving the use of motorcycles. He further says that “We must put an end to these fraudulent acts. If we do nothing, the corruption in the government will not stop and the poor will remain deprived. If the killings will be unbridled, crimes will continue to terrorize our country.” It is hoped that with the data provided by the public, the Senate can draw a proper conclusion with the alleged misconduct of the LTO.   

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