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The San Miguel Corporation (SMC) has recently announced that it has reached its target goal of having 156 RFID installation sites as of December 29, 2020. The owner and operator of SLEX, NAIAX, Skyway, TPLEX, and STAR tollway has also announced that it is ready to go fully cashless by January 11, 2021.

With its recent achievement, the corporation was able to follow through with its commitment to open more Autosweep RFID installation stations before the end of 2020. It is important to note that these installation sites also include offsite facilities that are located away from the expressways to keep the traffic moving smoothly. 

Back in November, and again in mid-December, we committed to open over 100 new RFID stations in various locations before the end of the year. Even as we were preoccupied with soft-opening our Skyway 3 and then had a long New Year’s break, I’m happy to report to the public that we also reached our target of 156 Autosweep RFID installation stations, last Dec. 29.

He further continues by stating that “With our continuous rollout of additional RFID stations which started November, and the completion of our target 156 stations by end-December, we’re no longer seeing long lines at the stations. We will continue to serve and accommodate all motorists wanting to install their free Autosweep stickers as we approach the January 11 full implementation of cashless toll collection on all expressways set by the government, and even after that.”

SMC complete list of installation sites

SMC now operates 9 RFID centers, 18 gas station sites, 11 local government LTO sites, 44 mall sites. On top of this, the corporation also has installation locations at 3 major terminal hubs, 2 home builders depots, and 3 RFID installation 3 sites at select BMW dealerships. SMC also states that it also was able to convert all but one of its 66 dedicated “onsite’ or tall plaza stations into 24/7 stickering stations. It is important to note that out of the 156 installation sites, 11 of which are “off-site.’ 

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