Suzuki Jimny green 3-door version

The Suzuki Jimny is a popular small SUV. Some people, however, think the vehicle is too small and with the vehicle only having 3-doors it's not hard to understand why people think space is limited. Suzuki India wants to change that notion by making a new variant of the vehicle, but this time it comes with 5-doors and with added length. Initial reports say that this new longer Jimny will be available for the local Indian market but it could also be made for other neighboring markets as well such as the Philippines. Having more doors and more space could make the already well-liked vehicle become even more popular.

The Jimny is currently being manufactured in the Kosai factory in Japan with two powerplant options available. The first is powered by a 600cc motor while the other version is powered by a much larger 1.5-liter engine. With two engine options to choose from the bigger 1.6-liter motor will likely be the choice for the 5-door variant. Coincidentally the 1.5-liter naturally aspirated powerplant is what powers the local version of the Jimny. 

Suzuki Jimny rear quarter shot press photo

The factory that will spearhead the manufacturing of the 5-door Jimny will be the Hansalpur plant in India. It will be producing Jimnys with the internal code YWD from May 2020 onwards. Having doubts about the factory’s capability? The production plan is said to have a capacity of 4,000-5,000 vehicles per month which is more than enough to both meet the demands of the international as well as the domestic markets. 

Initially, the factory will first make the normal 3-door version of the Jimny but it will later shift into the 5-door body style. With more doors comes added length, the 5-door Jimny is rumored to come in with a length of 4,000mm that's 520mm more than the current 3-door configuration. 

While production for the Hansalpur plant will officially kick off in May, there are no official photos yet of the 5-door version will look like. But like its 3-door version, the longer 5-door version of the Jimny is sure to be a highly anticipated vehicle once photos of the vehicle come out. With the current version being considered too small by some buyers, the longer version with more doors will surely entice more customers to reconsider the small rugged SUV.

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