To provide better customer experience, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has announced that it be introducing its new interior and exterior design for its dealerships. The theme will follow the Japanese car manufacturer’s new brand message “Drive your Ambition.”

Dealerships will soon have a striking new design that features a black, white, and gray color scheme with “red dynamic lines” as an accent. It will also have a “Dynamic Slope” similar to the brand’s logo as a signature element to reflect the brand’s progressive image.

Inside, the theme will continue with the black seen on the walls and ceiling. On the other hand, white will mostly be on the floor and parts of the lower ceiling, while gray and red will serve as accents for the dealership’s interior. In addition, the dealership will feature its vehicle display in a that customers will see them as the main attraction.

Our brand is evolving and we need to reflect this in each and every customer touch point. So we are implementing the new dealer identity to ensure that the customers can experience a consistent Mitsubishi-ness including look & feel, and service quality of Mitsubishi Motors wherever they are in the world.

According to Mitsubishi, the change will affect approximately 5,000 dealerships worldwide. Although the Japanese brand didn’t specify if the revamp will be seen in local showrooms, it will more likely so.

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