Tang and Clapano earns top spot during Phoenix Pulse FV1 Virtual Cup - Race 2

During Race 2 of the Phoenix Pulse Formula V1 Virtual Cup, Julian Colvin Tang and Alexis Clapano were the ones hailed as champions. The said event was broadcasted on the Tuason Racing Facebook Page last October 17, Saturday.

The battles in the Phoenix Pulse Formula V1 Virtual Cup Race 2 continued. With the use of the PC-based game, Assetto Corsa, while also set in the replica of the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza racetrack. 

Specifically, Tang was declared the winner during the Race 2 AM Class, followed by Andre Varquez for the Race 1 champion in 2nd place and Real Lerpido in 3rd. While Varquez may have failed to win a second straight AM Class triumph, still, he was able to render the fastest lap time of 02:02.234.

On the other hand, Clapano, Estefano Rivera, and Terence Lallave of the PRO Class category initially battled for the pole position. In the end, Clapano grabbed the top post in the second lap from Rivera, given its fastest recorded lap time of 2:01.899. 

Sadly, Rivera and Lallave failed to contend, while Zuriel Sumodobila and Luis Moreno battled each other from the 5th lap, with the latter keeping his hold on the second place until the end of the race.

As part of its 21st-year celebration, Tuason Racing, the premier motorsports company in the country, wanted to give racing enthusiasts another career path on the global motorsports competition scene using its homegrown Formula V1 racing program. This is mainly due to the ongoing pandemic, which prohibits physical races as it violates the following safety protocols mandated by the government. That said, it’s quite nice that a virtual racing platform was properly utilized in order to deliver that almost equal experience on the track. This event was also supported by Autocar, Auto Deal, C! Magazine, Inquirer Mobility, Time Attack Manila, and Wheels Philippines.

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