Phoenix Pulse FV1 Virtual Cup

The still ongoing pandemic has put a temporary halt to physical racing in the Philippines. With that said, online racing events such as the Toyota GR Supra GT Cup and the Phoenix Pulse FV1 Cup have popped up to scratch the racing itch. In the latest race of the FV1 Virtual cup, it was another successful competition for Andre Varquez and Inigo Anton. Both racers were able to emerge as champions in their own respective classes showcasing their skills as virtual racers.

For this round of racing participants, all took a virtual replica version of the Laguna Seca Racetrack. Here, the racers would battle it out with Varquez and Anton mastering the field in a reverse grid position of the PC-based Assetto Corsa game.

Phoenix Pulse fv1 virtual cup

Varquez easily got the top position in his AM Class and maintained his lead throughout his race. He was followed closely behind by Julian Colvin Tang in second place and by Patrick Malicsi in the third position. Thanks to his commanding lead in the race, Varquez was also able to set the fastest lap time for the track for the racing series with a time of 1:34:424. A testament to his skill as a virtual racer and his ability to push the vehicle to its limits online. 

Meanwhile, in the Pro Class category, a similar story can be said for Inigo Anton. As he was able to get the lead and maintained his position throughout the race as his fellow participants played it safe through the slippery and challenging track. Anton was followed by Estefan Rivera in second and Russel Reyes in third. 

While Anton brought home the gold, he wasn’t the one with the fastest time in his category, it would be Rivera who would get the fastest time of the race in their class. He was able to lap the track with a fast time of 01:32:602 showcasing his skill against the other competitors.

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