Shell Saltwater Supercar

Shell Philippines has brought a new fun set of toys to play with. This time, they've got us the Saltwater Supercars. What? Saltwater? Supercars? These are toy supercars that don’t run on Lithium-ion batteries but, yes, through the use of salt water – and you can have them for every P500-worth of purchase of Shell fuels or lubricants

Best for kids and kids at heart, the Saltwater Supercar collection includes four spectacular racers to match every taste in color and coolness. The black one is ‘Shadow’, the red is ‘Fireball’, while the white and yellow are ‘Lightning’ and ‘Sunchaser’, respectively. All models feature an advanced modern aerodynamic body, kind of like the ones you see in Le Mans races. 

However, before we delve deeper into how these Saltwater Supercars work, let’s talk about the effort Shell has put in making the toy itself environmental-friendly. To begin with, the track you’ll be racing your Saltwater Supercars soon is made from a 100% organic material known as Bagasse, a fibrous matter from crushing sugar cane stalks. 

Okay, so how does salt water power these toys? There’s a science behind it but let’s cut it simpler. Each car is equipped with a tiny electric motor, composed of a metal plate for energy storage. Now, there are two small holes found on top of the cars, where you pour in droplets of salt water using a special dropper included inside the box. When the salt water comes in contact with the metal plate, electrons will start flowing and, voila, you have a toy that runs on salt water. 

Did we get you all pumped-up to have these spectacular toys? Well, here are the promo mechanics to get your hands on one:

If the image is not loading for you, here’s a brief rundown of the promo. For every single or accumulated P500 purchase of Shell V-Power fuels (or with any combination of Shell lubricants), you may purchase one Saltwater Car or a set of the organic race track at P225. What you could also enjoy is one Ferrari 1:43 scale Race and Play Series at a price tag of P225, or a P3,000-worth Ferrari 1:18 Signature Series, as well as the Ferrari Garage for only P1,400.

On the other hand, for every single or accumulated P500 purchase of Shell FuelSave fuels (or with any combination of Shell lubricants); or P500 purchase of Shell Advance, Shell Helix, and Shell Rimula lubricants; or for every single or accumulated P150 purchase at Shell Select or Deli2Go, you may have one Saltwated Supercar for P275. You may as well enjoy having one Ferrari 1:43 Race and Play at P275, a Ferrari 1:18 Signature Series for P3,000, or the Ferrari Garage at P1,400.

Customers who will avail for an oil change service using the Shell Helix HX7, Shell Helix Ultra, and Shell Helix High Mileage may get the toy for free. They are available starting November 1 until the 30th at all participating Shell fuel stations nationwide.

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